Yes8SG CNY partnering social influencers – a redefined way for Chinese New year celebrations

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Singapore: January 2020, a leading online casino of Singapore, Yes8SG is gearing up to celebrate Chinese New year in Grand fashion. It will be a mesmerizing experience for all the users. Yes8sg has come with an amazing campaign on this occasion. The most trusted casino will have collaboration with KOL- Josephy_li and many other famous KOL’s. These are one of the most celebrated social media influencers. These are going to be the ambassadors of the casino and people would go crazy when they would be greeting and wishing great happiness and prosperity Chinese New Year 2020 for all the loyal customers and users of the most reliable online casino in Singapore in January 2020.

The promotion of CNY will also be launch on the KOL Instagram and on the casino official website. The Instagram profiles of the celebrated KOL’s are,,, So watch out for the fun that would begin with Chinese New year celebrations.

Chinese New year is one of the most awaited occasions for the people. And they make huge plans to celebrate with their family and friends. It would be a fantastic idea to celebrate the big day of the year with one of the most credible and legal casino of Singapore. The casino has remained loyal and at service to its customers since inception. It has been a place to go to experience online betting Singapore has on its platter. This makes the casino worthy to charge a fee for membership. Don’t panic it is not going to be much. Yes it is true with a nominal entrance fee you would become eligible to enjoy the fun. It is one of the most trusted and legal place to enjoy casino in Singapore. And the fun becomes manifold for a customer who will spend his Chinese New Year moments with the casino. So it is a big chance to make merry with all the services the online casino is going to render. Customers are going to love the association with the most dynamic online casino in Singapore. This celebration will be an incredible opportunity for the best online gambling casino to build a connection with its fans and followers.

The online casino has been fairly successful in attracting the customer base in last few years. The casino management understands that this is not possible without the never ending support and the love it has been showered with by the huge fan base. These are the people who have been instrumental behind the growth online casino has attained. Hence on the pious occasion of Chinese New Year the casino has decided to celebrate with the loyal fans. This would be entertaining for the fans and will be a bonding exercise for the casino and the users. The casino has finalized to invite leading KOL’s as their representatives who are going to wish the customers on their Instagram page and website of the casino. This year, this is going to be the way in which the best online gambling casino wishes a prosperous Chinese New Year to its customers.

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This would be a pleasurable experience for the Yes8SG – the leading online casino to carry out such pioneering work. This kind of promotional event would add new stars to the marketing practices of the leading casino in Singapore. This is going to be the first time they are going to celebrate Chinese New Year with a bang. This would be a huge building block and can result in enhanced fan following. Further followers of the KOLs can also join and enjoy the event.