FirstWinn to celebrate its exclusive partnership with Liverpool Football Club

The leading mobile casino platform enjoys two major achievements this New Year

Singapore: 31st December 2019 in Singapore will be a big day for the football lovers especially those who support Liverpool football club because they will be able to play fantasy sports in the game and will be able to make bets.

The FirstWinn, which is a legal, credible, trusted, and reliable online casino operator sets off its new journey as the new betting partners of the renowned football club, Liverpool FC. They are now officially partnered with this football giant.

The FirstWinn also enjoys its new title as the best online casino operators in Asia of 2019. They are going to spread these two achievements throughout the world so the world can know about these two major achievements of the company.

The company is planning to do this by organizing a broadcast event on the Christmas Eve and New Year of the year 2019. They plan to represent this news with the help of three well-known influencers and marketers.

They will be presenting them as the key opinion leaders for this event and they have also planned a lot of other things for this broadcasting event as well. This event is reported to be a grand one since both the parties are the major guns of their respective domains.

They are organizing a giveaway event under which they will be distributing Liverpool football club T-shirts to the people who are going to be present at the venue of the event to witness the memorable moment with their eyes.

There will be various known personalities available at the event that also includes the personnel of the Liverpool Football club. The FirstWinn owners and CEO’s will also be present during this embarking and remarkable event.

The event will set off its way directly in the Singapore and will be joined by masses. There are several mediums through which the event details are about to be spread in the public. The major media is expected to be the key opinion leaders.

There are three key opinion leaders that have a large number of followers on their instagram handles. The three key opinion leaders are noticed to be shiwei, josephy li, and yjjong with instagram handles Joey, Miko, Stella respectively.

There are a lot of reasons that led to the beginning of this partnership out of which the most prominent one is the end of the partnership with the previous betting partners of the Liverpool football club namely BetVictor. They had some allegations over them that could have been the reason of bad rumors about the popular football club.

The reason that led to the selection of FirstWinn as their new betting partners can be that the FirstWinn being selected as the best casino operators in Asia of 2019. There are several other reasons that can be the reason for the establishment of this perfect match.

As such, a good and reputed name is about to be joined with the Liverpool football club which will be opening the doors for a lot of chances, opportunities, and benefits for both the Liverpool football club and the popular online casino, FirstWinn.

The FirstWinn can expect to get a lot of exposure to the fan base of the Liverpool football club through the various digital Medias that are owned by the Liverpool football club and also they can expect to be getting a lot of new audience through the means of advertising from the banners at the club as well as from the t-shits that are wore by the players of the club.

The Liverpool football club will be able to get their users the privilege of sports betting and fantasy sports that too with the trust, reliability, and support of the most trusted online betting partners, FirstWinn.

The partnership of both the alliances will bring a lot of new and exciting opportunities for both the audience and the companies as a whole. They will also be able to enjoy a lot of advantages in terms of the engagement of the audience together.

The company is surely going to make this event a memorable and a great one so that people can know that this is surely a beginning of something great and will be staying for a long time.

About FirstWinn: FirstWinn is a online casino website which is honored with the title of the best casino operators in Asia of 2019. They provide a number of games on their website such as sports betting, roulette, black jack, etc.